Round Pan with 2 Handles - 160mm

Product numberM1021
Product name Round Pan with 2 Handles - 160mm

Copper S/S
Bronze Handle

Material: polished copper exterior, 18/10 stainless steel interior, stainless steel rivets, bronze handle
Bilaminated copper stainless steel (90% copper and 10% 18/10 stainless steel)
High Performance: Copper heats more evenly, much faster than other metals and offers superior cooking control
Superior durability: Pans with cast iron handles are 2.5mm thick copper. Pans with stainless-steel handles are 2mm thick copper.Pans with bronze handles are 1.2 to 2mm thick copper.
Non-reactive: 18/10 stainless steel interior preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods and is easy to clean - no re-tinning.
Copper cookware can be used on gas, electric, halogen stovetops, and in the oven. It can also be used on induction stovetops with Mauviel's induction stove top interface disc (sold separately)
Mauviel cookware is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects (Warranty not valid for commercial use)

Made In France
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$152.00 > $106.00(GST Excluded)