NoonPro Compacto - 27lt

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Product name NoonPro Compacto - 27lt

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Interior measurements : 300x500x200mm
Capacity : 27lt
Power : 2kW
Feeding Voltage : 230V / 50Hz
Range temperature : from room temperature to 90ºC
Regulator : Microprocessor system
Regulation : 0.1ºC Steps
Precision : 0.1ºC
Pump Presure : 115 mbar.
Pump Volume : 12 lt / min
Working Conditions : Max. Temperature 50ºC, Max Humidity 80%

Noon is indicated to cook with precision - vacuum food cooked and pasteurized or regenerate any type of product with total security and comfort.
Cook with safety, water capacity up to 54lt, its powerful double water output system enables you to circulate water your bath in all directions, Ensuring a totally stable temperature throughout its volume.
the HCT system based on the HACCP concept enables you to schedule cooking time exactly.
Having completed the scheduled time, noon processor will control the temperature of depression not allowing it to fall below 50ºc until you arrive.
* more than 50 cooking programs allow you to customize each stage, both in temperature and time. includes more series of 20 programs ready to use right from the start.
* With its waterproof thermal probe system you know in any time the internal temperature of the food. So you know what is happening on the inside to regenerate more precisely, apply a precise degree of pasteurization, etc.
* In addition, its unique system of "cooking the centre" will allow you program time cooking until internal temperature reaches you indicate. Its system of "Cook precision" will help you get even more perfect cooking sensitive products or so require.
* The safety guard protects your bag to come into contact with resistance prevents any kind of incidence.

Made In Spain
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