Retarder-Prover Cabinet - 60x40cm trays

Product numberE1025
Product name Retarder-Prover Cabinet - 60x40cm trays

Retarder-prover cabinet FL900
20 pairs of guides for up to 20 - 60x80cm trays / up to 40 - 60x40cm trays
temperature : -22/+35 °C, s/s AISI 304 18/10
Equipped with: Kit humidity control

DOLCE TECHNOLOGIES Retarder-Prover cabinets are designed for the best management of the proving cycle, controlling temperature, conservation and proving times, and relative humidity with maximum security and precision.

This 4 in 1 unite can work as retarder prover, and also as a Freezer, Fridge or Prover.

Made to the highest quality standards, cabinets are monobloc constructions with 70 mm thick high density polyurethane insulation and are made entirely in S/S 18/10.

The bottom is pressed with rounded corners to aid cleaning, the door has a snap-in magnetic gasket and there are air ducts specially designed to give uniform air circulation.

The electronic control board is intuitive and easy to use and allows setting of the conservation, proving and holding stages, for a maximum
of 6 days and the possibility to memorize up to 10 working programs.

Humidity in the compartment is produced by a steam generator and is controlled and regulated by the electronic control board.
Cabinets are available to take 400x600 mm trays and 600x800 mm trays.

supplied with 20 Pairs of Rails,

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Made In Italy
Min. Quantity
Price Per Unit
$12,900.00 > $8,600.00(GST Excluded)