Bravo Trittico 305H STARTRONIC Premium

Product numberTrittico 305H
Product name Bravo Trittico 305H STARTRONIC Premium

***Brand New***
Bravo Trittico 305H STARTRONIC Premium 400V/3ph/50hZ Water Cooled
(With LCD+Washing Gun+Joint Washing+Rubber Mat+Metal Teeth)
Dimension: Width 875, Width 510, Height 1400

Trittico Premium is the first combi-machine for gelato production on the market: a revolutionary patent through which the multi-machine system for artisan gelato production is perfectly contained in a sole technology.
Easy and fast, Designed for the production of every type of gelato. Gelmatic Startronic is very easy to use, strong and reliable. It makes artisan’s work easy and safe thanks to its electronic system control of gelato production. Low temperatures reached in a very short time.
Batch-freezer easy to use: a few push buttons with basic functions that allow to obtain results above
market standards. Gelmatic Startronic Premium is a high performance batch-freezer thanks to its high
freezing system technology, that takes advantage at most of the heat exchange for an optimal cooling
and resulting freezing of gelato mixture. Easy to laod through the upper funnel that allows to easily pour
the product from the buckets, avoiding the air outflow from the cylinder door.
A state-of-the-art digital brain controlling gelato freezing through the most advanced methods.
It heats and cooks the ingredients till +85°C in the upper tank, for a PASTEURIZATION, which is:
• FLEXIBLE: you add the ingredients in the right moment
• QUICK: it preserves the quality and the flavour of the product
• PRECISE in the continuous temperature monitoring at the heart of the product (no risk of burning the product)
• SAFE: complying with the current laws on sanification
• RELIABLE: the patented heating system grants the maximum precision and care of the raw materials.
Sanitizing by cooling down the product through the THERMAL SHOCK:
a direct and immediate passage of the product from the upper to the lower tank. In a few minutes the mixture goes from +85°C to +4°C, eliminating the bacteria and granting the absolute product hygiene.
Freezing by mixing the product in the lower tank for a BATCH-FREEZING, which is:
• OPTIMAL thanks to the patented freezing system with a homogeneous cooling surface on the entire cylinder walls.
• EFFICACIOUS thanks to the stainless steel mixer which, besides mixing the mixture to incorporate air, it keeps the freezing till the heart of gelato.
Furthermore, the scrapers perfectly scrape the cylinder walls to better smash the ice crystals and not to create ice on the cylinder.
(*only when choosing the corresponding optionals)

Made In Italy
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$36,000.00 > $26,000.00(GST Excluded)